The ducts and accessories are made of galvanized sheet with a zinc load between 200 gr / m2 and 275 gr / m2 class 02 or stainless steel sheet AISI 304 or AISI 316.
All products are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. They are, likewise, produced according to the thickness indicated on the customer’s order form. In their absence, they are manufactured according to the thickness used in standard manufacture.

Plate Thicknesses
The table above shows the standard thicknesses applied to the production of ducts by Cliduct, as well as the type of connections for the cross connections.
The manufacturing process of Cliduct is carried out according to the following standards: SMACNA – HVAC – Duct Construction Standards – Metal and Flexible – Duct Construction Standards – Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA); NP EN 1505 (1999) – Ventilation of Buildings – Metal ducts and accessories with rectangular section. Dimensions. The mechanical characteristics of the surface treatment are in accordance with Standard AFNOR A 26-321.
P = Applied Profile

* Stainless steel material (304 and 316) and parts not provided in the Table. Price on request.